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Friday, September 12

Syllabus for Nust Entrance Test (NET)

Syllabus for Nust Entrance Test

Some of the books of Federal Board have been changed so this creates a confusion from which books we should prepare for the Nust Entrance Test?
We have two categories of students:

a) The students who appeared in Fsc part 1 exams recently and are in part 2 now. These are studying the new course.
b) Repeaters. These studied the old course.

In case test is made from new course, repeaters might be at loss and in other case the fresh students at loss.This time Nust decided to conduct the tests from the previous books. One of the main reasons for this step is that Nust already had a question bank which is being used since last two years for NETs. In order to make new questions for the tests they would need much time.

This is a good news for the repeaters but a bad one for freshies as they have to go through both the books. The news about the syllabus is confirmed from Nust admission office. A screenshot of email is attached  in this post as a proof. 

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Syllabus of Nust Entrance Test (NET)

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  1. Can u tell me plz is 0ld syllabus for only net 1 or for all net's 1 2 3?

  2. Ummm I have the fsc books with 2014-15 syllabus so thats alright for NET 2 or not?

  3. NET 2 & 3 VL B FRM WHICH SYLLABUS old or new

  4. will sylabus for net 2,3 be old ? plz reply

  5. will sylabus for net 2,3 be old ? plz reply

  6. can u plz tell me sylabus of nust and how can i apply for it

  7. plz tell me how can i apply for it plzzz

  8. Hlo what's the salybus of nust


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