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Thursday, July 17

Fee Structure of Nust

Fee Structure of Nust
For Under-Graduate Students.

Fee of Engineering Students
  • Existing students : Rs. 70,000 per semester
  • New Students : Rs 75,000 per semester
Fee of Medical Students
  • 175,000 pear yer for all students.
Fee of Business Studies and Social Sciences
  • Existing students : Rs. 82,000 per semester
  • New Students : Rs 87,000 per semester
Moreover at time of admission students have to pay admission processing fee (35,000) and a security deposit (10,000).

Note: These do not include the hostel and mess charges.

Hostel Charges:
  • Biseater room: 4300 per month
  • Triseater room: 3300 per month.
Mess charges:
  • Rs 150 per day.


  1. Aggravated-Taker18 July 2014 at 01:17

    Any valid resource please.If it is really the case, Man what on earth do they want..
    Already they are in billions after intro of the multiple NETs.. Why scratch the existing students to pay that much.. look at the standard of their Labs and Computer.. Still pentium-3s in military campuses.. Can You believe it..
    Education at Nust has become a total Business.!

  2. Please please please increase this a bit more. Take it to 150,000 per semester. :-)

  3. AOA ! I wanna ask abut the transport facilities. Will NUST provide me with it like if i say i live in B-block sttelite town rwp then would there be some assistance from NUST transport society or ill have to arrange it all by myself??? Thnaks

  4. Yes, Nust will provide the transport facility .

  5. n just 1 more thing, with 90% in SSC and abut 80% in FSC how much marks in NET-2 do i need to get into top 15% students for BPA-NBS???
    Thankyou! :)


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