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Sunday, April 13

PIEAS 2014 Admission Guideline

PIEAS 2014 Admissions

PIEAS announced the admission schedule for the year 2014, the details of the program as as under.

Q1) Which Programs are being offered at PIEAS at undergraduate level? 

The following two undergraduate programs are being offered at PIEAS:

  • BS Electrical Engineering 
  • BS Mechanical Engineering 
Q2) What is the Eligibility Criteria?

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 60% marks or equivalent in both Matriculation/O‐level and Intermediate/A‐level examinations with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as major subjects.  
  • Candidates with pre medical background, who have given additional paper of Mathematics are also
    eligible to apply. 
  • Those waiting for their results may also apply. However, the intermediate/A‐level result with at least
    60% marks or equivalent is required at the time of joining the BS program.  
Ineligibility Criteria

Anyone having any of the following deficiencies is not eligible to apply for admission at PIEAS: 

  • Having less than 60% marks in Matric and FSc. 
  • Failed/not appeared in any subject in FSc Part‐I/II. 
  • Having less than 60% marks in O/A level as per equivalence certificate issued by IBCC. 
  • Diploma holders are not eligible. 
Q3) What is the Application Processing Fee ?

  • Application processing fee within due date
    Rs 1200 for on‐line submission 
  • Application processing fee within due date
    Rs 1700 for off‐line submission 
  • Application processing fee within two weeks after due date  
    Rs 2000 for on‐line submission 
  • Application processing fee within two weeks after due date  
    Rs 2250 for off‐line submission 
Q4) How to apply?

You can apply either by filling an online form or by offline form filling, details are as under:


  • Preferably apply online; application forms should be submitted on‐line at PIEAS web site.  
  • Copy of online bank deposit slip will be generated after submission of application form. Save a copy of the bank receipt for your record as well. 

  • The form can be downloaded from the PIEAS web site http://www.pieas.edu.pk.  
  • Copy of online bank deposit slip is also available at PIEAS website. Save a copy of the bank receipt for your record as well. 
Q5) How to submit the Fee?

For both modes of application form submission, the application processing fee must be deposited in the PIEAS University  online  Account  No. 0010002084620041  (Title of Account: PIEAS‐APF)  Allied Bank Limited, Cabinet Division Branch (Code No. 0793), Islamabad. Application form along with the Bank receipt of processing fee must reach the Registrar Office not later than the advertised deadline. However, there will be no bank service charges for submission of processing fee through any branch of ABL.

Q6 ) Which Documents are Required with the Application Form ?

The following documents must reach Registrar Office not later than the advertised deadline at the following
address and preferably, documents should be sent through Pakistan Post, TCS, OCS or Leopard services.

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)
Nilore, Islamabad

  • Application Form (if applying off‐line)  
  • Original bank receipt 
  • A passport size photograph 
  • Attested copy of Matric / O‐Level* Transcript 
  • Attested copy of F.Sc. / A‐Level or F.Sc. (Part I) Transcript 
*‐ For O‐Level / A‐Level students equivalence certificate of O‐level from Inter Board Chairman Committee
(IBCC) is mandatory.
**‐ Applications without above mentioned documents will not be entertained.

Q7 ) What is the last date to submit the application?
Last date to submit the application is May 5, 2014. Form is available at: PIEAS admission form

Q8 ) What is the merit Criteria?

Selection of candidates is made on the basis of Matric /O‐level, F.Sc./A‐level grades and written test as per
  • PIEAS Written Test      60%  
  • Matric            15% 
  • F.Sc or F.Sc (Part I)   25% 
  • O‐Level / A‐Level   40% of O‐Level equivalence from Inter Board Chairman Committee (IBCC)  
Test shall be conducted in major cities of Pakistan as mentioned on the application forms. The test will be
MCQs based on English Comprehension, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Sample paper is available at PIEAS website.

Admission on the basis of SAT Scores

PIEAS has reserved some seats for admission in BS programs through SAT scores.

  • All Pakistani nationals of both Matric / F.Sc. or O / A level streams are eligible to compete on the basis of SAT score. 
  • Admission shall be based on SAT II result of three subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics level II)  
  • The SAT score should be at least 2000 or more to be eligible for admission 
  • Merit list on the basis of SAT score shall be prepared separately for admission in BS programs.  
  • SAT scores may be sent to Registrar, PIEAS at the latest by the deadline mentioned in admission 
  • advertisement. 
  • The PIEAS institutional code to receive SAT scores is 7272. 
Q9) What is the paper pattern?
There would be a total 100 MCQs in the test . 25 from each Math, Physics, Chemistry and English.

Q10) How much time is available for the test?
You will have 3 hours to solve the test. 100 mcqs in 3 hours. A lot of time infact. If your preparation is good you will solve the entire paper in less than 2 hours.

Q11) Is there any negative marking in the test?
Yes there is negative marking in the test. Negative one for each wrong answer.

Q12) Is the calculator allowed in the test?
Yes calculator is allowed during the test. Do take your calculator with you.

Q13) Is sample or past paper of PIEAS available?
Yes these are available.
You can get the sample paper from here: PIEAS sample paper
Past Paper: Past paper of PIEAS


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    Lastly, is the test easier than NET?

  8. Sorry, just checked, you do have a past paper available. I just need to know the closing aggregate now.

  9. yup past paper is available. check the link in question 13th

  10. the test is a bit difficult than NET. will upload the closing merits soon

  11. Mohammad Abdullah28 April 2014 at 20:08

    i got 63.4percent in f.sc1 but my scores in maths n chem were less than 60percent.am i elligible to apply

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  17. Haris Iftikhar5 May 2014 at 23:16

    seats from peshawar?

  18. suhaib tanveer6 May 2014 at 05:44

    I have posted all documents to pieas probably 2 weeks ago
    now when will they contact me about reception of my documents?
    plz tell me the procedure after posting documents?

  19. they will upload the list of students on their site

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  21. 6 seats for division . so isb k lye bhi 6

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  28. it has been displayed today on website.

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  31. What should be aggregate for mechanical in Pieas ?? 85??

  32. some portion is easy and some conceptual

  33. there is a question from almost each chapter, so u need to prepare the complete books

  34. check the website , its available there

  35. you will get it via post at ur address

  36. about 10000 students.
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  41. what is aggregate of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering in PIEAS??

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    i scored 82% in matric but in HSSC-I it is 64%.
    am i applicable For the Entry test of 2015??
    And if i score well in the Entry test am i applicable for Pieas??
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    is someone with less than 60% in f.sc 1 only
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  55. Test was not a lot tough

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    Sir i have just passed HSSC.I .
    i scored 88% in matric but in HSSC-I it is 67%.
    am i applicable For the Entry test of 2015??
    And if i score well in the Entry test am i applicable for Pieas??
    My family is really worried..plz tell me the info
    (Mechanical Engineering)

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  62. Sir if i got aggregate 80+ then,I got admission in bs programme ??


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