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Sunday, October 27

NET-2 Word List

Below is the list of words which were asked in NET-2 for synonyms and antonyms.
These were provided by the students who took the test .
Many of these words are from the SAT word list . And many of them were included in NET-1 2012 and NET 2011 as well.

Number Words Meanings
1Abscond Run Away, Depart secretly, Leave hurriedly. 
2Accord Agreement, Mutual Understanding. 
3Acme  Pinnacle of achievement or Physical Object. 
4Affable Friendly
5Aloof Remote, Distant, Forthcoming. 
6Approbation Praise, Approval. 
7Arable  Farm-able, Suitable for growing crops, Cultivable. 
8Arbiter Judge, Pundit, Mediator. 
9Astute Perceptive
10Bashful Shy, reluctant to draw attention. 
11 Belligerent Nasty, Argumentative, hostile and aggressive. 
12 Bigot Intolerant, Prejudiced person. 
13 Brag Talk boastingly
14 Capacious  Ample, Extensive, Roomy. 
15 Censure Severe Criticism. 
16 Cosmology  Theory of the Universe
17 Despair  Depression, Hopelessness
18 Distort Deform, Falsify. 
19 Enigmatic Mysterious, difficult to interpret or understand. 
20 Evident apparent, clear. 
21Fascinating   Interesting, Spellbinding. 
22Gregarious Friendly, Sociable. 
23Impeccable  Flawless, Faultless. 
24Larder  Provisions, Store room. 
25Motley  Mixed, Varied, Disparate. 
26Nostalgia Pleasant Remembrances, wistful affection. 
27Petulant Crabby, Moody, Bad-tampered. 
28Placid  Calm, Mild, Contended. 
29Rapport  Understanding between People, Affinity. 
30Shifty Deceitful, Untrustworthy, Evasive. 
31Waiver Giving up, Letting go. 
32Withdraw Remove, Take away. 
33Trivial  Petty, Little
34Profligate Spendthrift, Immoral
35Honorable Respectable
36Magnanimous Large, Greathearted

Prepared by Warda Tahir


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