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Wednesday, September 4

One missed call...!

I was running and gazing at the beauties of meadows that surrounded me. The water was flowing by and the birds were chirping in the high rising pine trees. All of sudden a sharp sound rattled into my ears. Tin! Tin! Tin!! What the Hell is it!! Suddenly I came back to reality and realized that it’s my cell phone ringing. I felt starkly furious and grumbled 'who Calls at this time when almost everybody is amid slumber?’ It was a call from a friend. I just sluggishly rejected the call and resumed the splendid concoction of my mind. In the Morning, Rays of Sun illuminated my pupils and the sleep was on marathon of the dark mountains. I felt apologetic over my demeanor to my friend. I should have at least picked her call. I sent her text in the morning to pardon me. But she didn't reply. She was not at all willing to forgive me. This notion made me feel so deplorable that I can't evince it in this script. As always deep thoughts emerge when we reflect in state of grief. I questioned myself that Whether Allah Almighty may also be so unhappy with us because He calls us five times a day and we never respond. His Blessing Knocks again and again. He never becomes angry over you as He is giving you more and more chances that may be you will regret your mistakes one day and will turn towards Him because He loves you more than the cumulative love of seventy mothers. His angels don't record your intentions of bad deeds, but orders them to record even your slightest intention of Good. When you repent, He erases your sins and elevates your standings. He gives you twice reward for doing good...Why don't we remorse our narcissism and arrogant behavior? See how much Allah Almighty loves you...How much He cares for you... In loneliest of the woods and the darkest of caves He is with us, illuminating our path. He is closer to you than your jugular vein. Yet we do not reply His calls. He never moves away from you, just we, in our ignorance, wanders away... Believe me He is the Most Merciful. But why don’t we realize that how materialistic we are? Majority out of us only bow down when we are encountering problems and depression in our lives and when we want something particularly? But it is a reality that when the whole world knocks you down then the only strand we are left with is the Mercifulness of Allah mighty. So when Allah Mighty is neglecting your sins and is ready to mend your heart then should not we praise Him just for five times a day? 

 Allah Almighty says 
“Come to my path and be mine…I shall make the rest of world yours!”

Put your Trust on Him. Try to realize how much He is Important for us. Time for you to decide what is best for you! 

Stay happy!

Credits : Taib Noor, Syed Hashim, Sammar Sanik


  1. simply awesome (Y)
    Shumyma Malick

  2. Its the only thing we need to grasp and ponder upon and act as well... May Allah enable Muslim ummah to be a practicing Ummah Ameen... :')

  3. nyc thought true love is always about giving the chances and hoping that one day she/he will be back ..........


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