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Tuesday, September 3

Grouping of MCAT Vocabulary

There are different ways to learn the vocabulary. One way is to make the groups of the similar words. It is infact one of the best method to learn the vocabulary. The words for MCAT vocabulary are provided by UHS. Students from pre-medical are to prepare all those words. The words with similar meanings are grouped together.
Open the links given below to access the groups of MCAT vocabulary. The single post would have been very very long so we decided to post the data in parts. Hope it will help you guys.

Credits : Taniya Sadia

If you find any error do inform us.


  1. congential word is not in UHS..
    its written here under BASIC group

  2. thank you !!
    really very helpful :)
    Shumyma Malick

  3. if we do these we can do english in paper???
    are these all 800 words???
    reply plzzzz

  4. plzzz anyone tell are these all the wordzzz....???

  5. can u do one more favour...
    those words which are not included in this grouping post them as part 11..

  6. How Can I Donload This Vocabulary??
    Any One Tell Me Please?

  7. u can copy this text and paste in a file in ur computer.

  8. you can download this grouping in pdf file by using link below


  9. There are several ways to learn English vocabulary i.e. write a definition, use it in a example sentence, translate it into your language etc.

    Easy Way to Learn Vocabulary

  10. Danish Saifullah18 July 2014 at 21:58

    yar agr synonym zyada hoty tou acha tha

  11. Very Very Helpful Job.....Thanks From the core of my Heart....

  12. Khaliqa Minhas26 July 2014 at 09:07

    They r all 872 words?

  13. its very very helpful...

  14. go to print friendly in google
    there u can paste the url and download it

  15. A superb
    vocabulary is not something that can be easily reached. You must be patient,
    determined and always ready to learn and grow. Vocabulary is tested not only on
    the MCAT, but in everyday life. Vocabulary is certainly a direct
    correlation to the overall intelligence.

    To get a taste of superb vocabulary which is gained through practice get
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  16. please post the remaining words in a seperate part

  17. serenity frostangel28 January 2015 at 22:26

    I think the 2nd word in basic words list is wrong...it shoulg be contiguous...and the word dormant is not present in the uhs provided vocab....plz do confirm...
    Thanku so much for doing this great job.

  18. does it remain same every year?


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