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Tuesday, September 3

Grouping of MCAT Vocabulary ( Part 1)

                                                                Part 1

Artistic Words

  1. batik (a method of printing patterns on cloth)
  2. bonsai ( art of growing small trees)
  3. bowdlerize ( editing,cutting)
  4. bravura (artistic skill)
  5. braille (writing system for blinds)
  6. cameo (sculpture)
  7. caricature (funny drawings)
  8. cause celebre (drama)
  9. cartographer (map maker)
  10. chassis (framework)
  11. filigree (delicate decoration)
  12. lapidary (precious stones)
  13. macrame (art of typing knots in strings)
  14. origami (art of paper folding)
  15. surrealism (style and movement in art and literature)

Skillful Words

  1. adroitness (capability)
  2. dexterous (on the right)
  3. prowess (skill)
  4. facile (make easy)
  5. facilitate (make easier)

About Birds (Calm, peaceful)

  1. allay (soothe)
  2. clement (pleasant)
  3. conciliatory (make calm)
  4. halcyon (happy)
  5. cosset (cuddle)
  6. mitigate (alleviate)
  7. placate (calm)
  8. sedate (calm)
  9. relief (soothe)
  10. tranquile(calm)
  11. phlegmatic (calm)
  12. hackless (birds neck feather)
  13. downy (soft)
  14. cygnet (a young swan)
  15. gull ( sea bird)


  1. capital (basic)
  2. congential (essential/adjacent)
  3. dormant (basic)
  4. inherent (basic)
  5. intrinsic (basic)
  6. latent (dormant)
  7. primal (basic)


  1. churn (blender)
  2. skew (twist)
  3. swivel (spin)
  4. trundle (rotate)
  5. undulate (oscillate)
  6. undulating (wavy)
  7. vortex (swirl)
  8. wry (twisted)

Credits : Taniya Saida


  1. Thanks! It is very time saving & helpful for preparation in uhs test,

  2. thanks it is really time saving

  3. Well a little correction plzz....

    Cameo = sh0rt appearance in play,drama Or important job done by a person in short time...

    1. Well u r telling a secondary meaning...cameo means sculpture on stone :) consult dictionary fo primary meaning

  4. it helps me alot ...thanks GOD BLESS YOU.

  5. how can i download it???????

  6. you can this and paste it in a word file :)

  7. walaikum asalaam.
    ok :)

  8. Dur E Shahwar Moosa20 August 2014 at 11:21

    Assalm-o-alaikum... kindly snd me uhs past papers ..if possible??

  9. serenity frostangel28 January 2015 at 21:28

    i think the 2nd word in the basic words list is wrong..... it should be contiguous

  10. serenity frostangel28 January 2015 at 21:32

    And the word dormant is not present in the uhs provided vocab...plz do confirm.. i hv problem in searching this word

  11. Waleed Ahmed Khan15 February 2015 at 23:58

    Assalm-o-alaikum. Kindly check the word 2nd in Basic section "congential" , I think its a wrong world.


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