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Wednesday, July 3

Multiplication of a two digit number with Eleven

Its very easy to multiply any two digit number by eleven once you know the secret. Consider the following problem.

                                                                   12 x 11

To solve this simple add the digits, 1+2 = 3, put the 3 between 1 and 2, and there is your answer:
Consider another problem:

                                                                   35 x 11

Since 3+5=8, your answer is simply


Now do this in you mind. 
                                                                   45 x 11

Now let us move to a bit complex problem. Suppose the problem is

                                                                  76 x 11

Although 7+6 = 13, the answer is NOT 7136!
As before, the 3 goes in between the numbers, but the 1 needs to be added to the 7 to get the correct answer i.e 1 will be moved as carry to the next digit. So the answer will be

Similarly , 
                                                                  88 x 11 
will give ans  

Take a moment to practice this skill a few times. You have to practice these tricks otherwise you will forget them very soon. Whenever you find some free time take a pen and a paper and make problems by your own and solve them. This first lesson is much easier while the problems will become complex after a few days so for that you need practice. The more you will practice the better you will be at mental calculations.

The answer to the problem 45 x 11 is 495.


  1. how we will mutiply 2356to 4576

  2. Jaza ka Allah...

  3. ye bs 11 k sath multiply krne se hota hai, ye to koi trick na hua -_-

  4. Thanks for helping ..
    But this is only multiplication with 11 , if we are given any other number in test then ... ?
    Any trick for trick as well .. ?

  5. Great Trick


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