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Thursday, December 20

A new ray of light!

ray of light

Is it difficult for you to start your study? Are you unable to forget your creepy nightmares? For me it’s a yes. Most of us are confused that is it the right time to start. Most of us are thinking would we get through this time as we missed a chance once. So friends I will just counter the problems and just present a simple solution to them. Liking them or not is your choice, because these are things i also have to implement in my life. Believe in Almighty Allah: I remember a friend quoting me a Hadees e Qudsi whose summary is that Allah Mighty says:

 “There are two choices for everything. One is yours and one is mine. Allah Might’s choice is what will become true but Allah Almighty also says that if you stop following your choice and start following mine, I will give you both”.

Anything without spiritual strength is not possible. To attain that and to have a good start we should bow down ourselves to Allah and offer prayers and recite Quran at least a page daily. Before him we should accept our sins and pray for mercy.

Kick Start:
All of us are in a trauma of a big accident. Relatives, friends and neighbors are saying “why did not you clear in this attempt?’’ and when I see doctors wearing overalls, my tears fall down as I could have been in their place. I remember during my Surgery of Impaction (wisdom tooth problem) the doctor operating was a big fat guy.
 He asked "what do u study?"
I replied: I did Fsc
Dr.: don’t you study now?
I said: I gave Mcat this year and I did not clear it and so next year I shall try again.
Dr.: (laughed) I also cleared in second attempt.
Doc tor said to my father: Uncle it does happen.

Points to kick start:
I think most of us would have realized that without acquiring education, we are nothing more than beasts. So here are some points about whom you must really think.
1) As its winter now, so studying is easy. After April studying gets chaotic. So whatever you or we have to do is before April. So start now.
2) Most of us couldn’t make it as we didn't complete our courses. We should start now otherwise it will be useless to cry over spilt milk.

Plan Part 1:
Through a trusted source who repeated this year and got great marks and is in KMC now said that before April you should finish course 2-3 times and then join kips as they help you practice MCQs daily. So from December till April I have a studying plan.
1) There will be 3 sessions, each session of 45 days. In each session we have to finish our course once.
2) Total chapters are 77 of bio, chem, phy.
3) If we do 2 chapters daily, so we still have 3 4 days left. We can give that time to English.
4) Daily sessions= 2
5) Daily each session time=5 hours.

Books: Kpk textbooks, Dogar Mcat, Barron's SAT for phy,chem., ICA, CCA, MM, KIPS (kets: kips entry test series), Islamia publication physics and bio mcq books, Mcq bank of chemistry, Etea, Preetest, Caravan Mcat.
I have these books and I do have a plan for these too.

Plan Part 2:
1) Study a chapter thoroughly. Underline difficult words and sentences. Ask for help! Go for difficult sentences and words use online or Oxford Advanced learner’s dictionary.
2) After studying a chapter, put all books aside and start solving.
4) Note difficult mcqs and post in group/page.
5) After doing all mcqs of all books your one session ends. Have a break, TV, music, namaz, etc anything you like.
6) It’s better to start in morning. Then if you finish till noon have some rest. Then start another session of another chapter same as above.

If you have any problem regarding study, sleep, concentration, discus in group. We will Insha Allah solve it.

Last Words:
My friends I believe there is something that we lacked this year but believe in yourself and try to eliminate all those factors which are becoming hindrance in your way. Faith in Mighty Allah, Thinking positive and hard work is ladder to success God has given us a second chance to improve ourselves. So when the days are filled with frustration and responsibilities, remember that you have to achieve your goal for which to have to strive. Good luck.

Written by: Wajahat Hassan.


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