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Tuesday, January 20

A glance on book list (For DPT)

First of all accept my warm wishes for your admission in the toughest and noblest field of the world. You are lucky indeed to score admission. After entering in a medical field you will face quite a lot of different things.
They include both the horrible ones as well as the memorable ones. Now it’s up to you how you interconvert them.
I am writing this article to give you a touch of books and the method to tackle and manage the things in the first year (1st and 2nd semester)

For physiology the best book is Guyton’s Physiology. It’s the most recommended book for Physiology. It has been written in a very easy language and will help you in building your concepts easily. Though most of the seniors will say that it’s a lengthy book, I accept but believe me it’s an interesting one too and will help u a lot in the long run. And once you go through Guyton you can use Firdous short book for reviewing what u have learnt all ready. But don’t use it as primary book. It’s a secondary book. Lectures of Dr . Najeeb will also help you build the concepts.

For Anatomy there are three books that will run in a combo. First of all there will be BD Chaurasia for anatomy. It’s like a primary book. You will study upper limb, lower limb, especially from there. For clinical KLM and Snell are good. Choose what you like. If you want to grasp clinical then KLM is perfect. Then there is an ATLAS of anatomy by Netter. It’s filled with paintings of anatomy and will be very useful in building concepts. For doing General Anatomy there is a book GA by GA, it will be sufficient. For the Histology you can go for Laiq Hussain Histology and histology slides.
And yeah the most important is Embryo. For Embryo you can choose between KLM embryology and Langemans embryo. But don’t forget to study Sharjeels embryology at the end when you have passed through the entire course once or twice. But Embryo has minor contribution in DPT field so I cleared it just by reading Sharjeel: P
**Watch dissection videos, study on models, open Atlas when you are going to study to get clarity as anatomy can’t be understood without these.**

For biochemistry there are a number of books. First of all there is Lippincot. Then there is Mushtaqs biochem. Biochemistry is minor subject in HEC curriculum so just combination of these 2 is enough to pass the paper. Otherwise biochem books’ list goes long.

It is exactly subject of physical therapy and for this book of author “Dena Garden” is enough. Yet you have to take help from Google, Wikipedia and research sites if you want to get best grip.

You will study one subject from these two according to your institute’s structure.
If you move towards stats, Its interesting if you have interest in math :P Do not panic because of this. Just do practice and solve the exercise question, you will be able to solve your paper. There is no standard book, depends upon your teacher which he recommends you.

Almost all of you know about it, little or a bit more because of global world concept. And it’s easier than stats. If you attend lectures properly there is no need to follow any book.
Don’t get scared. it isn’t tough at all. It just depends on how you manage things. Once you learn how to manage the stress then there is hell lot of fun in it. And don’t get depressed in the beginning. It won’t take to anywhere. Most of you will think to leave it just like I used to do at the beginning but when I became able to manage things, it became east for me. SO IF I CAN THEN WHY CAN NOT YOU…!

Then the last worth-mentioning thing is that keep asking your seniors, particularly your immediate seniors whenever you come into hot water, they will help you get out of it by hook or by crook. Have a good interaction with them and don’t forget to have a dinner from them if your fooling has been done :p
Written By: Sarah Zulfiqar


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