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Saturday, November 15

Add more Years to your Life

These calculations have been made considering average human life span  to be 50 years. 

Adults sleep for about 8 or more hours per day usually. This means we spend about 1/3rd of a day in sleep.
Time spent in sleeping per day = 1/3 day
Time spent in sleeping per month = 1/3 x 30 = 10 days
Time spent in sleeping per year = 12 x 10 days = 120 days = 4 months

This means in one year we spend 4 out of 12 months in sleep. And in 50 years we spend 4 x 50 months in sleep which make about 16.7 years. 

Now if we reduce this amount to 6 hours per day.
Time spent in sleep per day = 6/24 day = 1/4 day
This way time spent in sleep for 50 years will be 12.5 years. So you are adding more than 4 years in your life. 

Some people might complain that this much sleep is not sufficient for them. There is a solution for it as well. Taking a short nap at noon between 12:00 to 16:00(4 pm) will make you fresh even if you sleep for like 5 to 6 hours at night. The ideal time for afternoon nap can be between 20-50 minutes. After this nap you'll feel completely fresh. 

Moreover the night sleep should be managed according to the sleep cycle which lasts for 90-120 minutes . Details about sleep cycle and its management would be posted soon on the same blog. 


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