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Monday, September 22

Closing merit positions of Nust in 2012

Merit positions of NUST

Below are the closing Merit positions in the Last Selection list of Nust in 2012. 6 merit lists were uploaded for the year 2012. 

The closing merits of 2013 are available here: Closing merits of Nust in 2013

              Closing Merit Positions of Engineering/Computer Science
Field Closing Merit
Civil Engineering (Risalpur) 1624
Environmental Engineering (Islamabad) 3223
Civil Engineering (Islamabad) 1244
Geo Informatics Engineering (Islamabad) 3361
Mechanical Engineering (Islamabad)696
Electrical (Telecom) Engineering (Rawalpindi) 1669
Computer Software Engineering (Rawalpindi) 1716
Electrical Engineering (Rawalpindi) 554
Mechanical Engineering (Rawalpindi) 574
Computer Engineering (Rawalpindi) 2137
Mechatronics Engineering (Rawalpindi) 1042
Electrical Engineering (Karachi) 2017
Mechanical Engineering (Karachi) 1364
Mechanical Engineering (Winter Session) (Karachi) 2072
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering (Karachi) 2895
Avionics Engineering (Risalpur) 1264
Aerospace Engineering (Risalpur) 920
Electrical Engineering (Islamabad) 659
Software Engineering (Islamabad) 1272
Computer Science (Islamabad) 2957
Chemical Engineering (Islamabad) 1314
Material Engineering (Islamabad) 2211

                               Closing Merit Positions of BS Physics
FieldClosing Merit
BS Physics (Islamabad)Started in 2014

            Closing Merit Positions of Business Studies/Social Sciences
Field Closing Merit
BS Accounting & Finance (Islamabad) 450
BS Economics (Islamabad) 373
Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamabad) Started in 2013
BS Mass Communication (Islamabad) 765
BS Public Administration (Islamabad) 769

         Closing Merit Positions of Bachelor of Architecture/Industrial Design
Field Closing Merit
Bachelor of Architecture (Islamabad) 142
Bachelor of Industrial Design (Islamabad) Started in 2013


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