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Tuesday, September 30

50 percents seats for boys and girls in Medical

Latest Update About UHS 

PMDC issued a notice which stated that equal seats will be available for both boys and girls in all Medical colleges. Now this created a confusion if this decision will be implemented this year or the next. Different news channels give different news about this matter. A fellow went UHS last day and asked them about this topic, here is what she got:

"I went to UHS and talked to Atif the director of media and publications of UHS. He said 50% quota system is not applicable this year. And was astonished why people are thinking so when it's clearly mentioned in the prospectus".
On the other hand different newspapers are publishing this news that Quota system has been implemented, merit will be based on the new system this year.

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  1. yeeee thank God it'll be implemented next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What about Universities of Sindh, like LUMHS??

  3. LUMHS says it wont follow this rule..

  4. any news about what merit is going to be? plz sir answer ASAP

  5. if this thing is supposed to be implemented then they should also apply da same rule for all engineering colleges as well

  6. it means it will be implimented in 2015???? please reply if anybody knows something about it


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