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Saturday, August 30

UET Lahore Merit List 2013

UET Lahore Merit List 2013

Below is the final Merit List of UET Lahore for the year 2013. For the year 2013, 4 lists were uploaded for UET lahore.

Merit Criteria of UET:
70% marks of Fsc and 30% marks of ECAT is added up to make the final aggregate for UET.

Note: The list given below is for the open merit.

Field Closing Percentage
Electrical Engineering 82.413%
Mechanical Engineering 81.109%
Mechatronics Engineering 79.979%
Civil Engineering 79.454%
Computer Engineering 78.782%
Petroleum and Gas Engineering 78.586%
Chemical Engineering 78.056%
Building & Architectural Engineering 76.691%
Computer Science 76.275%
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering 76.275%
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 75.327%
Architecture 75.286%
Transportation Engineering 74.486%
Environmental Engineering 73.772%
City and Regional Planning 73.552%
Polymer Engineering 73.345%
Mining Engineering 72.986%
Geological Engineering 72.772%
Product and Industrial Design 72.702%


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