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Tuesday, April 29

Practice Test

Practice Tests/Mock Tests/Pre-Entry Test

What are the Mock Tests?

A mock test is a test made on the same pattern as the original tests are made and these help the students to identify how good their level of preparation is. These help the students to identify the areas in which they lag and hence the students can prepare accordingly and  improve those portions.

For the very first time we are starting the mock tests as we believe it is an important factor for the students to know about their preparation so that they might spend their time accordingly. 

Benefits of taking the test with us:

  1. Will be on the same pattern as the Entry tests are.
  2. Same difficulty level as the Entry Tests.
  3. Can be downloaded and attempted at any time and as many times as you wish to.
  4. Results shown right after you complete the test. 
  5. The correct answer of each questions will be shown after completion of the test.
  6. After you download the test you do not need any internet access to solve the test.
  7. Will help you realize the weak portions and the areas where you need improvements.
  8. Will be helpful in managing the time in the Entry Tests. 
  9. Those registering for the tests will also receive the alerts via emails whenever we make some new post regarding admissions. 

Charges of the test:

The fee of the test is as follows:
One test :     Rs 250
Two tests :   Rs 400
Three Tests: Rs 550
Four Tests:   Rs 700  

How to make the payment?

Payment can be made by any of the following means:
  • Easy Paisa
  • Money Order
  • Bank Deposit
  • By hand submission if you are from some nearby area.
In which tests you can appear?

You can appear in any of the following tests:

  • NET Engineering
  •  NET Medical
  •  NET Business Studies
  •  PIEAS
  •  GIKI
  •  ETEA Engineering
  •  ETEA Medical
  •  AKU

Two different tests will be available for each of them and these will be conducted after a duration of 15 days, so you can appear in two tests as well. 

On which dates the tests will be conducted?
You can appear in the test on the day you wish to. This is the benefit of online tests :)

Those of you who want to register for the tests send a message to our facebook page here:

In case you want to appear in some other test you can mention that in the message, we will let you know when it is available.

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In case of any confusion feel free to ask.


  1. its better to take it after board exams .... as they are in process

  2. Why Paid?

  3. For every service you provide you have the right to charge :)

  4. I want them free but while seeing ur effort that u r studying and also serving the time for students for entry test i thought that u have right to make some money.May Allah give u long life.

  5. mr mathsmaster what is mock test ..

  6. As well there is a test date of 25may of Net. But there is exam on 25may. How could the management of NUST can decide the date in between the exams?

  7. Waleed Hassan3 May 2014 at 00:44


  8. yeah u can mention the date on which you want to appear in the test

  9. can you guarantee that the app you will use to conduct exam will be free from any flaws?

  10. sir many easy pise per mony transfer kerde hay magar koi replie nahe aya

  11. I will appear for SEECS as computer science student. Are Computer Science questions included in NET Engineering portion of the mock?

  12. no that test is not prepared yet

  13. i have registers myself for mock test..
    nw what's next ??
    when will i receive confirmation and the test ??

  14. I have submited my money by easy paisa now whats next?

  15. inform on the cell which contacted u ..

  16. Muhammad Hamza24 June 2014 at 21:26

    I regstrd yestrday yet dint get any kinda of cnftmarion

  17. My NET-3 is on 12th July and I am appearing for Medical so If I register today, how many test I will be able to give before the test date?

  18. On the day you wish to have this test.

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