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Thursday, December 26

Showcase Your Concepts

Entry Test Preparation brings you a first competition of its kind " Showcase Your Concepts ". Your task is to select any topic from the books of Fsc, any science subject, and write an explanatory article on it. 

Some Important points about your articles:

  1.  It shouldn't include the book lines. Everyone can read from the books. 
  2. Try to make it somewhat funny, you can add images , ofcourse related to the topic. Videos should be made by you. 
  3. Try to write in such a way that would not make your readers feel bored.
  4. It should be try free. Recheck after writing it down. 
  5. You can take help from the web, but do not copy anything from the web. You can get the idea and write that in your own words.

Selection of topics Depend on you people. Here is a list of topics selected till now. Students who did not submit their topics to us send us the topic name via message to our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Etest.Prep .

  1. Amino Acids ( Chemistry Part 2)
    Article Submitted, Read Here: Amino Acids
  2. Periodic table ( Chemistry )
    Article Submitted, Read Here: Periodic table
  3. Immunity ( Biology )
    Article Submitted, Read Here: Immunity
  4. Cell structure ( Biology )
    Article Submitted, Read Here: Cell Structure
  5. Reactions of Organic Chemistry ( Chemistry Part 2)
    Article Submitted: Read Here: Organic Reactions
  6. Nephron ( Biology Part 2)
    Article Submitted, Read Here: Nephron
  7. Respiration in birds ( Biology )
    Article Submitted, Read Here: Respiration in Birds
  8. Muscles ( Biology Part 2)
    Article Submitted, Read Here: Muscles
  9. Macro molecules ( Chemistry Part 2 )
  10. Half Life ( Chemistry )
    Article Submitted, Read Here: Half Life
  11. Resistors ( Physics )
    Article Submitted, Read Here: Resistors
  12. Series Resonance Circuit ( Physics )
    Article Submitted, Read Here: Series Resonance
  13. Human Reproductive System (Biology)
    Article Submitted, Read here: Reproductive system
  14. Ampere's Law (Physics)
    Article Submitted, Read here: Ampere's Law

The last date to submit your entry is 12th January, 2014.

How to submit the articles?
Send your article via email to the following ID: maathsmaster@gmail.com


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