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Wednesday, July 3

Intelligence Questions in NET

Many students are facing problem in questions in which you are provided some directions and you are asked to tell the final position of the object.
The best method for this is to draw the direction axis and plot the data on that as you used to do in case of vectors.
Below are the examples to explain this point.

Q: Sultan traveled 320 m south, took a u-turn and traveled 520 m north then he turned right and
traveled 200 m distance , again turned right and traveled 200 m what is his position w.r.t his starting position?
a) north
b) east
c) west
d) south


Try to figure out the directions given in the question from the above figure. And use this method for all  such sorts of problems.

Here's another Question:

Q: A,B,C,D,E are all facing north. If A is in front of B, B is west to C, D is south of C and E is
on left of D. Which letter is northeast to the letter left to D.??


Cope with all the questions in this way.. Hope this helps..
In case of any confusion let me know.


  1. its really really helpful...........

  2. plzzzz share more questins reelated to dirctins and also abt coadind related to nust iq test

  3. Ahmad Junaid Jindu10 November 2014 at 19:46

    thanks Hassan Bhai.. I did both right.. :)

  4. yuuuppp...both r correct

  5. i have got 969 marks in matric and 462 in part 1 how much i score to get admission in nust

  6. 130 is eough


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