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Sunday, October 27

Past Paper of FAST

Past Paper of FAST (2012)

1) The height of close satellite to earth is
a. 400km
c. 250km
d. 500km

2) Find equation of tangent to y^2= 4ax

3) A Solenoid bent into a circle is called?
a) Solenoid
b) Toroid
c) both an and b
d) none of the above

4) Unit vector is use to determine
a) direction
b) magnitude
c) resultant
d) none of the above

5) From which of the following dc cannot flow continuously?

a) Inductor
b) Capacitor
c) Resistor
d) All
6) tan75=?

7) Which of them is odd:
a) circle
b) pentagon
c) triangle
d) rectangle
e) square

8) the value of angular momentum is for;

a. Spinning bodies motion
b. Orbital motion 
c. All types of bodies

9) in a triangle if b=5 c=10 and angle alpha=60 degree, where angle a has opposite side a angle b has opposite side b and angle c has opposite side c, find side a
b.5 sq. root 3
c. sq.root125

10) if two forces of 10 N each applied simultaneously on a same point with 60 degree and 120 degree respectively then their resultant will be?

11) if a tap fills a tank in 8 Hours and another tap takes 16 Hours to empty the same tank...If both taps are used how long will it take to fill the tank?

12) in order to increase resistance resistors are connected in:

a. Parallel
b. Series

13) for what value of x tangent to the curve of this equation is parallel to y axis y=5 sq. root x +11? 

14) If an object moves away from surface of earth g:.

a. Remains same
b. Varies inversely with square of distance
c. Varies directly with square of distance
d. None

15) which of the following z not included in SAARC

a) Bangladesh
b) Iran
c) India
d) silence 

16) she is vain___ her beauty
a. To
b. Of
c. In
d. By

17) frequency of radio waves?
a. Very high
b. High
c. Low
d. None

18) resistance of a good fuse would be

a. 1000 ohm
b. Minimum
c. Maximum
d. None

19) terminal potential difference will be equal to emf when
a. Circuit is close
b. Circuit open
c. Both a and b
d. R is zero


20) If sin (alpha -beta) = sq. root 3 by 2 and alpha = 15 then beta =?
a) 75
b) 45
c) -75
d) -45

21) Source of electrical energy

a. Resistor
b. Battery
c. Capacitor
d. N0ne


22) which one is odd
a. Speak
b. Record
c. State
b. Report

23) Synonym of revolving?

24) f(x)=tanx in interval (pie/2,pie)
a. increases
b. Decrease
c. Increases logarithmically
d. Neither increase nor decrease
Top of Form

25) if 52% students failed in math and 42% in eng and 17% in both. What would be the % of students passed in both? 

26) People disliked him because he is addicted ___ bad habits
a. To
b. By
c. For
d. From

27) she entrusted all her baby duties___ me
a. To
c. Upon
d. Of


28) in the graph of f(x), the point of maxima is
a. always higher point
b. Always lower point
c. May be high or lower
d. Neither lower nor high


29) Bulb glows by
a. A.c
b. D.c
c. Both
d. N0ne


30) Potential energy difference between A and B is
a. Ua-Ub=Wab
b. Ub-Ua=Wab
c. Ub-Ua=-Wab


31) Ohms law is obeyed by devices
a. Linear
b. N0n linear
c. Exponential
d. Logarithmic

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