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Sunday, January 20

A few Points about the Test Session and the Testing System

The Test Session will be Starting on 25th of January.
The pattern of the tests is already shared with you people i.e. we'll start with the first year course and the quarter  book and half book tests will be conducted as soon as the chapter wise tests of those portions are covered. The Schedule will clear you what I mean.
The time for the Chapter wise tests will be 35 minutes and the number of mcqs in these tests will be 50.

The test which will be conducted daily will be comprising of 2 sections :
  1) Science Portion
  2) English Portion
Daily you people have to prepare the 10 words of English from the MCAT word list. This will be helpful for the pre engineers too.As this word list also contains words from SAT which are normally asked in Engineering Tests.

Once you finish the test and submit it you will be shown the correct and wrong answers plus there will be an option to discuss that question in forum. If you will click on that link you will be directed to our facebook page ( Entry test preparation ) and you can make a post there. When any of the admins will be online he/she will clear you problem.
Secondly if you feel the answer of any question is marked wrong by we people then there will be an option at the right of the page to send a message to admin. You can inform about the errors in that. When you will attempt the test you will learn about all the features used there. Here's the schedule of first three weeks. I did not add complete schedule because that would make the post much lengthy. You'll be provided the remaining schedule soon In Sha Allah :)

Test Schedule
Week Day Syllabus
Week 1st
  • Day 1 - 25th January - Friday
  • Day 2 - 26th January -Saturday
  • Day 3 - 27th January -Sunday
  • Day 4 - 28th January -Monday
  • Day 5 - 29th January -Tuesday
  • Day 6 - 30th January -Wednesday
  • Day 7 - 31st January -Thursday

  • Chapter 1(Chm Part 1)
  • Chapter 1(Phy Part 1)
  • Chapter 1(Bio Part 1)
  • Chapter 2(Chm Part 1)
  • Chapter 2(Phy Part 1)
  • Chapter 2(Bio Part 1)
  • Chapter 3(Chm Part 1)
Week 2nd
  • Day 1 - 1st February - Friday
  • Day 2 - 2nd February -Saturday
  • Day 3 - 3rd February -Sunday
  • Day 4 - 4th February -Monday
  • Day 5 - 5th February -Tuesday
  • Day 6 - 6th February -Wednesday
  • Day 7 - 7th February -Thursday

  • Chapter 3(Phy Part 1)
  • Chapter 3(Bio Part 1)
  • Chp 1+2+3(Chm Part 1)
  • Chp 1+2+3(Phy Part 1)
  • Chp 1+2+3(Bio Part 1)
  • Chapter 4(Chm Part 1)
  • Chapter 4 (Phy Part 1)
Week 3rd
  • Day 1 - 8th February - Friday
  • Day 2 - 9th February -Saturday
  • Day 3 -10th February -Sunday
  • Day 4 -11th February -Monday
  • Day 5 -12th February -Tuesday
  • Day 6 -13th February -Wednesday
  • Day 7 -14th February -Thursday

  • Chapter 4(Bio Part 1)
  • Chapter 5(Chm Part 1)
  • Chapter 5(Phy Part 1)
  • Chapter 5(Bio Part 1)
  • Chapter 6(Chm Part 1)
  • Chapter 6(Phy Part 1)
  • Chapter 6(Bio Part 1)


  1. it will will be very helpful. In shaa Allah

  2. What about the rest of Chapters ? when will they get finished ?

  3. @afifa the last test of the session would be held in may ..

  4. From where I have to prepare vocabulary? And when will be the tests of English conducted?


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