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Past Papers of GIKI

Past Papers of GIKI (2012)

Below are the Questions provided by the students who took the test of GIKI last year. Thanks to all those fellows. This year we'll again ask you people to provide the questions and hope this time we'll have more questions than these ..
Best of luck Future Engineers :)

1) if f(x)=1/x and g(x) = x^2 + 1 than gof(x) = ?
a) f(x)^2 g(x)
b) g(x)^2 f(x)
c) g(x)/f(x)
d) 2g(x)f(x)

2) synonym of onus is
a) responsibility
b) support
c) strength
d) hostility

3) photic relates to
a) lense
b) light
c) darkness
d) photography

4) Two different gases at STP have equal volume and equal pressure have equal?
a) K.E
b) pressure
c) masses
d) number of molecules

5) antonym of Infinitesimal 
a) mortal
b) important
c) capricious
d) gigantic

6) integration of xlnx ?
a) x^2/2lne+c
b) x^2/2ln underoot e+c
c) x^2/2lne/x+c
d) none of these

7) Integration of cosx with lower limit 90 degree and upper limit a is 1 , find value of a?
a) 30 degree
b) 60 degree
c) 180 degree
d) none of these

8) integration of sinx cosx?
a) cos^2x/2 + c
b) 1-cosx/2 + c
c) 1-cosx/4 + c
d) none of these

9) the area bounded by the curve y=x^2 and y=4 is?
a) 4
b) 8
c) 16/3
d) 8/3

10) The second term of geometric series is 2 and 12th term is 1/256 then first term is?
a) 4
b) 2
c) 1
d) 8

11) a boy having mass 5kg and playing with toy on which he applies force of 2N at an angle of 60 and displaces it to 5m ,work done by the child is equal to?
a) 2 Joule
b) 1.25 Joule
c) 5 Joule 
d) 10 Joule

12) Which of the following will have the least velocity, provided the wavelength is same for all?
a) Alpha-particles
b) Electron
c) Neutron
d) Proton

13) Sum of two vectors A and B is equal to A. Difference of these two vectors is equal to 2A. If A=4 find the magnitude of vector B.
a) 3√2
b) 6√2
c) 2√6
d) 3√6

14) if the angles of a triangle are in 1:2:3 then the sides of a triangle are in?
a) 3:1:2
b) 1:under-root3:2
c) under-root3:2:1
d) 3:2:1

15) x^2-y^2+2x+1=0 is the equation of
a) hyperbola , 
b) ellipse,
c) point of intersection,
d) parallel lines.

16) an object of mass 1kg is inclined through a height of 5 m ? What is the speed of the object at the bottom? 
a) 100 m/s
b) 9.8 m/s
c) 10 m/s
d) 98 m/s

17) tan h^-1x =

18) A farmer brought 5 rabbits ,after 2 months they become 15. After 4 months they become 45. How many rabbits will be there after 1 year,  keeping the above ratio same.

19) sq. root root [4+ 2 sq. root 3 ] =

20) 6/x^2+1+x= 0 .
Find the solution set

21) Lim tends to infinity (1+x /x)^x=

22) z=-x-iy then arg (z)=

23) Integral cos x dx=-1/2 upper limit is a and lower limit is pie/2 find a.

24) step down transformer requires
a) soft laminated core
b) laminated sheets
c) interaction of magnetic field
d) interaction of electric field

25) nC1 + nC2 +nC3 +…….+ nCn =
a) 2^n
b) n!
c) 2^n - 1
d) none of these 

26) When we add hot water to a cup, the cup breaks due to:
a) expansion of the glass
b) contraction of the glass
c) expansion of the inner surface of glass and contraction of outer surface
d) contraction of inner surface of glass and expansion of outer surface

27) The mass of Earth is 32 times the mass of moon. The moon Attracts the Earth with Force *F*, so the Earth attracts the moon with Force:
a) 32F
b) F/32
c) F
d) 4F

28) Friction and Tension are examples of which basic force of nature:
a) Strong Nuclear Force
b) Gravitational Force
c) Weak Nuclear Force
d) Electromagnetic Force

29) No of Diagnosis in 10 sided figures are ___________ 
a) 45 
b) 35 
c) 55 
d) 80

30) If nC5 = nC7 , then n = ?
a) 2 
b) 35
c) 12 
d) none

For the Answers to the above mentioned questions join us at . We'll post the questions after a few hours and will post the answers to these questions tomorrow. Meanwhile you can tell the answers in the comments on the page. When we'll comment on the question you will be notified. If anyone of you got some more questions from the paper of last year or you think there's some error in above questions do mention below in comments..

Thank you :)



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    2a 3b 4d 5d 6d 8d