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Thursday, November 6

Past Paper of CMH Lahore

Past Paper of CMH
Given below are the MCQs from CMH paper 2013. 

Complete the sequence: 7, 10, 8, 11, 9,12,____ 

Q.2) What does CPR stand for?
Ans: Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation

Amount of nitrogenous bases in human beings?

Q.4) What is correct?
a) Cholera: viral and air borne
b) Cholera: bacterial and waterborne
c) Cholera: viral and waterborne

Q.5) What is true about process of transcription?
A. Its is semi conservative
B. Form messenger RNA

Q.6) Most abundant cartilage is? It is present in movable joints.
A. Fibro cartilage
B. Hyaline cartilage

Q.7) Vitamins can be used as
a) Enzymes
b) Transport molecule
c) Energy storage
d) Catalysts

Q.8) Which of the following does not pass from parent to child?
a) Cholera
b) Sickel cell anemia
d) Malaria

Q.9) Light microscope is preferred over electron microscope because
A. More resolution
B. Can observe living matter
C. Can view into depth of object
D. 1 nm precision

Q.10) I will come ____ two days
a) In
b) After
c) By

Q.11) Pakistani ____ met his British counterpart
a) Counsil
b) Consul
c) Counsel

Q.12)  Antonym of parallel 
a) Curved
b) Circular
c) Divergent

Meaning of 

Q.14) Percentage error in voltage is 3% and in resistance is 2%. If power= V^2/R. The percentage error in power is
a) 4
b) 7
c) 11

Q.15) Which of the following contains both scalar and vector?
a) Force and kinetic energy

Q.16) Gravitational acceleration of an object of mass m, falling towards a planet of mass M and radius R is
A. GmM/R^2
B. GM/R^2

What is equation of continuity?

Q.18) A sample of radioactive substance has half life of 4 years. It is used for a 10-minute treatment. After 2 years, how much time will be required for the same treatment from the same source.
a) 10 mins
b) 14 mins
c) 20 mins

Q.19) 1 ohm x 1 farad=?
A. 1 second
B. 1 

20% Ni is present in 10g coin. Number of atoms of Ni present in are?

Q.21) What increases yield of ammonia? (Formula and deltaH were given)
A. Increase in pressure to 400atm
B. Increase in temperature to 1000 degrees

What is decay constant?

Alcohols on reaction with zinc/HCl forms?

If 5g bullet is fired from rifle with a velocity of 5m/s The mass of the rifle is 3 kg. What will be the velocity thrust on rifle.

How many chromosomes are there in Down's Syndrome?

Q.26) The bending if light around an obstacle is called?
a) diffraction 
b) interference
c) polarization 
d) all of the above

Q.27) Kleinfelter's syndrome is
a) XO
b) XXY
d) None of above. 

Q.28) Down syndrome have chromosomes
a) 47
b) 42
c) 45
d) 48 

Q.29) 10^8 Hz lies in which region
a) infrared
b) radio
c) ultraviolet

What is force on a moving charge?

night blindness is due deficiency of which vitamin?  

What is causative agent of cholera?

Q.33) Which reagent reacts with aldehydes?
a) Tollens
b) grignard
c) fehling
d) bennedict

Q.34) Which one is more acidic?
a) Chloroethanoic acid
b) ethanoic
c) alocohol
d) phenol 

There were three questions from the chapters Cell Cycle, about anaphase, klinefelters syndrome, G1 phase.


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