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Friday, August 15

Topics from UHS/MCAT syllabus

Topics of UHS/MCAT syllabus not covered in Fsc Books

This post will contain the topics with explanation which are a part of MCAT syllabus but are not covered in FSc books.

Inertness Of Nitrogen:
                                    Molecular nitrogen is inert under ordinary conditions existing as diatomic nitrogen N2. The presence of a very strong triple covalent bond renders it nonreactive under normal circumstances. Nevertheless nitrogen does react with alkali metal lithium to form a compound Li3N, even under ordinary conditions.
Under high temperature and pressure and with right catalyst nitrogen becomes more reactive. Haber's process uses such conditions to form ammonia. Inert atmosphere consisting of gases such as argon , nitrogen or helium are commonly used in chemical reaction chambers and in storage containers for water and air sensitive substances to prevent any side reaction.

Kips Supplement , provided by Talha Ch

Note: Mention the topics below in comments which you want us to post.


  1. Structure of graphite

  2. osmotic pressure
    uses of transition elements as catalysts
    condensed structural, displayed and skeletal formula
    reaction of alcohol with AQUEOUS KOH..

  3. what about topics like optical isomerism, chirality and enantiomers??
    give us a list kindly... so that we may read it from the net.. THANKX :)

  4. These pointz r available on kips buks

  5. they are but its not necessary that they would come in exam. so, just wanted to confirm that

  6. For dz u should serch theze topicz on net

  7. Plz send ma skeletal structural and displayed formulas for mcat preparation

  8. Kræžÿ Ījłæł12 May 2015 at 19:40

    xcuse me i want to get admission in bs cs what should merrit i ve to get ?? i m waiting and how can i calculatemy merrit plzz reply


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