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Sunday, December 8



When you face verbal analogies, here are few things to ponder over or think.

Analogy means (in general) is a way of describing relation between two things or more by comparing with another set of objects.

e.g. Water flows through a pipe pushed by a motor and its flow can be controlled through a valve

Now consider the following statement:

flow through a wire pushed by a battery and its flow can be controlled through a resistor.

Do you see something intriguing here? I just replaced some words and the sentence is still meaning full, describing a relationship between different components. So we say that in this case water flow is same is current flow, motor is analogous to battery, and valve is analogous to resistor.

Now you understand this, we will exploit this definition to do verbal analogies, our master trick will be:

“Make a sentence of given analogy which accurately expresses their relation and replace the given set of analogy by all the option one by one, the best fitting will be your answer!”

That’s it, now you know all the magic behind, now you need to practice this spell a lot to master it and win the war against the Verbal Analogy Army!!

Now one thing more, You may want to stick to past papers, but what is actually needed is practice, The more you practice and try to understand how to solve analogies, The more you will become better it. You don’t need to just do a whole paper and then match your answers in the key at the end, What you actually need to do is that do an analogy problem, see the answer at the back, if you were right pat yourself!, and if you were wrong, ask yourself, why the right answer given here is the right answer!

A Good resource to work out your skill can be found here:

Stay Blessed, and Excel! And Show the world our strength.


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