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Tuesday, September 24

Closing merit positions in 6th Selection List of Nust

Below are the closing Merit positions in the 6th Selection list of Nust. A total of 2247 students have been selected in these disciplines.

              Closing Merit Positions of Engineering/Computer Science
Field Closing Merit
Civil Engineering (Risalpur) 2289
Environmental Engineering (Islamabad) 3564
Civil Engineering (Islamabad) 1461
Geo Informatics Engineering (Islamabad) 3778
Mechanical Engineering (Islamabad)604
Electrical (Telecom) Engineering (Rawalpindi) 2902
Computer Software Engineering (Rawalpindi) 2636
Electrical Engineering (Rawalpindi) 692
Mechanical Engineering (Rawalpindi) 761
Computer Engineering (Rawalpindi) 3166
Mechatronics Engineering (Rawalpindi) 1391
Electrical Engineering (Karachi) 3059
Mechanical Engineering (Karachi) 1464
Mechanical Engineering (Winter Session) (Karachi) 3068
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering (Karachi) 3944
Avionics Engineering (Risalpur) 1273
Aerospace Engineering (Risalpur) 731
Electrical Engineering (Islamabad) 792
Software Engineering (Islamabad) 1991
Computer Science (Islamabad) 3062
Chemical Engineering (Islamabad) 1700
Material Engineering (Islamabad) 2904

                               Closing Merit Positions of BS Mathematics
Field Closing Merit
BS Mathematics (Islamabad) 1818

            Closing Merit Positions of Business Studies/Social Sciences
Field Closing Merit
BS Accounting & Finance (Islamabad) 450
BS Economics (Islamabad) 625
Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamabad) 576
BS Mass Communication (Islamabad) 841
BS Public Administration (Islamabad) 849

         Closing Merit Positions of Bachelor of Architecture/Industrial Design
Field Closing Merit
Bachelor of Architecture (Islamabad) 146
Bachelor of Industrial Design (Islamabad) 277

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All this info has been collected by  Jafer Khan .This is highly appreciating. (y)
This guy can be contacted on the facebook page  :  


  1. seats are empty in NICE or Full please its urgent

  2. when will the 7th list be displayed?

  3. What about mbbs?

  4. sir jis ka N.E.T 1 men hi acha score hota hai aus ki seat confirm N.E.T 3 ke bad hoti he.??

  5. aur ye jo above merit closing likhi he is ki distribution kis trhan he.??

  6. yeh Nust walay bnaen gay after NET-3

  7. sir i want to take admission in architecture , i've got 109 in NET2 of architecture test . is there any chance that i can get admission if not then minimum of how much number do i need ??

  8. Saad Alam Shah2 July 2014 at 14:02

    sir civil ke liye minimum kitne number hone chahiyen??

  9. zarafshan hussain7 July 2014 at 14:06

    i got 121 marks can i get admissn in softwere or civil

  10. sir i got 141 marks in medical entry test in which department
    i have a chance to get admisssion????sir plz reply me.

  11. i got 123 in net , 89% matric 80% fsc .... civil risal por ma ho sakta e ya ?? ya mechenical karachi ma ?

  12. how many numbers i need to get admission in chemical?

  13. i have secured 145 marks is there any chance in chemical rawalpindi

  14. yar apka open merit pe name ae ga tensn na lo

  15. I got 132 marks in MBBS test...i've 91% and 83% in matric and fsc-1 respectively...any chances in AMC?

  16. https://www.facebook.com/59htc?ref=hl

  17. @abdul mannan can u kindly tell me whats ur merit num mine is 135 still not selected in design or architecture im worried

  18. Merit no. 379 any chance in Mechanical (Islamabad)

  19. man i got 111 merit no. , still not selected , worries at the peak :-(
    its better for us to give our best for the NCA , its also a better option for architecture ..

  20. Ismail Tahir Khokhar6 August 2014 at 23:21

    My merit no. Is 141 :| and kindly someone tell me, yeh industrial design ka kya scope hai Pakistan mai?

  21. it has a very good scope , u can get job in EMAAR which is one of the most reknown gulf trading and construction forum . And u also can have job in Amer adnan , asher siddique and so so , besides u can also work on private basis .... but trust me this field is for those who are passionate about this ...

  22. sir i want to get admission in BBA 87% marks in matric 80% in FSc how many should i get in NET to get admission in BBA ??

  23. i have t 961 marks in matric and 487 in part 1 fsc how much i score in net to get admission in arospace

  24. How good is 146 on NEt for Software eng, Isb?

  25. I have 754 marks in fsc....how much net score is required to get in Mass Communication?

  26. i have gOt 78% in fsc part 1 and 93% in matric hOw much i need in net 3 fOr bbs accOunting and finance

  27. Its to much good..

  28. Muhammad Hamza7 July 2015 at 11:02

    sir my agregate is 77.57.....how can i get scholarship.......

  29. 828 in matric 402 in fsc-1 and 136 in net,chances in chemical engg.?

  30. your aggregate and entry test marks please....It will be a lot of help for me....

  31. I have 128,marks in net 3, and 981 in metric 445 in fsc. Do I have any chance in accounting and finance. Please answer me as soon as possible


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