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Sunday, May 12

Lahore Board 2007 Bio Part 2

1) the collecting tubules open into
a) glonmerulus
b) bowman’s capsule
c) urethra
d) pelvis

2) the P730-P660 inter-conversions might be the plant time regulators for
a) leafing
B) budding
c) flowering
d) shooting

3) S-phase in case of human cell cycle is
a) 20 min
b) 9 hrz
c) 10 hrz
d) 4.5 hrz

4) soil is continuously depleting its mineral nutrient due to vigorous
a) crop production
b) deforestation
c) tree production
d) population explosion

5) archeabacteria tolerate temp upto
a) 110 C
b) 120 C
c) 130 C
d) 140 C

6) the cell membrane is virtualy impermeable to all ions except
a) Ca2+
b) Mg2+
c) Na1+
d) K1+

7) a central role for chromosome in hereditary was first suggested by
a) karl correns
b) Fredrick miescher
c) Fredrick sanger
d) Fredrick grifith

8) Eco R1 cuts double stranded DNA when it has this sequence at the
a) breaking site
b) flanking site
c) cleavage site
d) joining site


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