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Thursday, November 21

Guidelines for the Preparation of NET Chemistry

I took the entrance test of NUST, both of them NET-1 and NET-2, Aga Khan Uni. Aptitude Test and UHS test known as MCAT; analyzed the Past papers of NUST and even the ECAT papers. After all this analysis I am able to say a single sentence that suites for all entrance tests’ chemistry section and that is
  ‘’Organic chemistry is the pulp of chemistry; if you have done it well, then you are ready for each and every entry test of the World.’’

Organic chemistry is the most important part of chemistry from where the examiner loves to give the maximum questions.

Now the question rises that how the organic chemistry should be prepared for NET and other tests.

In NET they are going to test your cramming as well as your understanding of equations. 
The best way to prepare the chemical equations is to write them on paper several times. Here ‘’several times’’ means atleast from 5-8 times an equation should be practiced.
It sounds a bit crazy but use of ample paper can solve your problems.

Please avoid learning the equations orally because it is not going to help you in the test.

Now there is simply two ways in which the questions about organic chemistry are asked. First is very simple that the question could be about temperature, pressure or other conditions necessary for a reaction, or simply an equation turned to a fill-in-the-blank type questions.

Second type of questions about the chemisty are bit quizzical.You will be asked the method of converting one type of compound to another type. For example the method of converting alcohol to methane or methane to alcohol can be asked.Normally this type of questions are not present in the book.For  this part you have to practice the equations from the exercise of every chapter or you can find this type of questions at the end of objective type help books.

A major portion of the test is from Organic Chemistry.

Now talking of the 30% questions, there are numericals also in it. These numericals are not very difficult ones but very puzzling rather. For example the simple calculations about mole and molar mass; calculations of pH and pOH are important.

After that there are some topics which are most favorite of examiner but at the same time these are disliked by students. The topic about shell, subshells and orbitals was not very pleasing to me but the examiner chose a pretty good number of difficult questions from that.
The examiner loves to ask questions from the periodic table. Mostly the students learn general rules but forget exceptions. But these are the ‘’exceptions that rule in the test’’.

Try to make a sketch of periodic table in your mind and also of the exceptions present in the book.

Try to learn the periodic table, leaving the transition metals.

But the most important thing, whenever a question is asked about the periodic table, try to write down that particular group or period elements on  the rough work page provided to you by NUST admins.

Best of luck for the test.

Feel free to ask, your queries will be greatly appreciated.

By Ahmad Sher Zaman Dogar


  1. Will the A-level chemistry book be a good enough option to tackle all these obstacles I.e -Roger Norris

  2. Most of the questions are related to Fsc books, so if you are from Fsc side stick to your Fsc books

  3. do nt know how to prepare topics related to energy changes e.g enthalpy changes....laws of thermodynamics...my cncpts r not much clear......do nt undrstand these topics frm book....
    plz...tel me...
    where shd i get thm prepared...

  4. What About inorganic Chemistry?..

  5. learn it as much as u can . but pehlay organic prepare karo us k bad yeh

  6. net-2 architeching 2-April ka result ku nh araha ub tk any idea?????

  7. will take about a week.

  8. architechng result still not coming.. whats the problm its really annoying huh

  9. the paper of architecture s to be checked manually thats why its taking some time,.

  10. Ambreen Fatima28 May 2014 at 11:16

    sir plz tel me the syllabus of chemistry for NET

  11. walaikum asalaam.
    ambreen prepare the complete books

  12. Sir what do you mean by exceptions in periodic table??? plz just provide some examples!!

  13. Thanks a lot sir I deeply appreciate the nice work you are doing :)

  14. Sir, you are somewhat right. See, I gave the NET-3 this year. I was weak in chemistry but strong in physics and mathematics. Chemistry is not only ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. Its much more than that. Sure, its a big part of chemistry. But still, it ain't all. Most questions was from inorganic and physical and not more than 3, I guess, were from Organic Chemistry. I don't know if the tests you gave had an easy chemistry, but the test I gave was extremely difficult. 2 to 3 question were out from my F.Sc. course. Chemistry went awful, but mathematics and physics were good. But, still I couldn't get admission. Still, CHEMISTRY ISN'T ALL ORGANIC!!!!

  15. Sir Net 1 2014 ka kia syllabus han..??? Abhi to hm ne Fsc Part 2 ki books ka thora sa syllabus parha ha...

  16. Sir, can you please guide me about the preparation for nust entry test and tell me the procedure of online preparaton?

  17. Sir plz guide me in doing mathematics m strong n chemistry but too weak n maths nw NET 1 z near wht i do


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